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Personnel Consulting

Successful job markets without personnel service providers are as effective as growing fruit without bees. The success depends on the symbiosis. We are a part of it. Day after day. We fill your vacancy.

The mere variety of personnel service providers has become overwhelming, confusing and complicated. Don't worry. Because the true strength of performance still lies in the quality of the services provided. That is a standard we like being measured by. Hopefully you will be able to experience it for yourself, like many customers before you. We will be happy to consult you and dedicate our time to you.

Personnel Consulting — a dedicated service brought to you by PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG, Basle, Switzerland


  • State-of-the-art services
  • Quality determines performance
  • Customized solutions
  • Recruitments that lead to employment

PKS Added Value

Successful job markets without personnel service providers are as effective as growing fruit without bees. The success depends on the symbiosis. We have been a part of it since 1992. Year after year.

You have a new job opening. You have already advertised in the newspaper and on the internet. The first personnel service providers already bombard you with emails and phone calls. You find it quite annoying. Relax. The wheat will soon be separated from the chaff. You will certainly be able to choose the right partner between agile, pseudo-dynamic superficiality and solid, reliable impact. It is ok to make demands. Let them give you proof of the pudding. You are the one who decides which services appeal to you. There is nothing wrong with asking the personnel consultants that want to work with you for an interview. Simply allow those consultants, which come closest to your requirements for quality, reliability, competence and expertise, to support and influence your human resources management. 

Personnel consulting is not an art. Even Picasso summed it up when he said:"You expect me to tell you how I define art? If I knew that, I would keep it to myself." Personnel consulting is a service that requires a lot of expertise, passion and persistence. Some of the characteristics that define artists.

Straight to the point: 10 short tips for a successful collaboration with us:

  1. Personnel consulting is not an elitist form of art or a big secret. It is a service that hat a lot to do with expertise, skills, experience and analytic persistence. It goes without saying that you can expect passion for what we do, our undivided attention to our customers, probity towards the applicants as well as professional seriousness from us. This has been our credo since 1992.
  2. Just get some references about us. Or you can invite us to a short meeting or come and visit us. We don't mind. We, too, obtain references about applicants every day. Unfortunately, you will have to choose the right personnel service provider over and over again. Which services are best suitable for your needs? Almost everyone has an opinion. Differentiated, personal impressions create a clear trend. Get some good experiences, where others got them before. The more you know about us, the easier it will be for you to choose us.
  3. Since we are a reliable, customer and service-oriented personnel consulting company, our conditions are no secret either. When looking for an apartment, you know how much the rent will be, too. The sooner you know what the costs and the services provided will be, the easier your planning process will be. Transparency and trust are essential for success and a lasting partnership that deserves being called just that. Whoever puts their cards on the table, stays in the game!
  4. We will never be pushy! No matter how dramatic the situation may be or how unsolvable the problem may appear. First, talk to the people in your organization that need to be consulted in personnel questions. Sometimes, other opinions and views can be very valuable and quickly reduce the problem to its actual size. Your analysis and insight are valuable contributions, which we consider vital for the personnel recruiting process. The more you tell us, the better our service will be. We offer a factual, focused approach.   
  5. We attach great importance to ethically justifiable procedures. It is important to us to comply with discretion and privacy protection, and to obey social security regulations. Our affiliation with the association of personnel service providers in Switzerland, swissstaffing, ensures the compliance with minimum standards. Supposedly, they are all good, some of them are better than others. Personnel consulting requires a lot of intelligent objectivity. We never promise anyone heaven and earth. We do not have a magic formula. It is all hard work. We cannot offer tailored solutions right away on the phone. If you allow the necessary time for the recruiting process, we will provide you the right pattern. After that, we will decide jointly what the best approach is. A good preparation is always worth your while. We will be happy to advise you. You will quickly realize that.     
  6.  Experience is invaluable. In the personnel consulting industry, retaining your own staff is the basis for professionalism.  It is tiring for the customer always having to get accustomed to new consultants. Consistency equals time savings, trust and no confusion. We employ consultants that have supported and advised their customers to their fullest satisfaction for many years. You can count on our experience.
  7. Our personnel consultants are able to put themselves in your shoes, which already fulfills an important requirement. You are often passionately presented with problems that don't even exist. Non-existing needs are constructed to create the impression of a non-existing insufficiency. Our analyses put emphasis in your staffing needs. A clear assessment of the facts allows for clear solutions. We don't think anything of a purely sales driven approach. I could certainly spice up our work routine, however, it would hardly ever lead to a permanent solution of a problem. We are only interested in those results that you benefit from. We think in the long-term. 
  8. Disproportionate dynamic, performance and sales pressure are poor advisors and will only influence you in a negative way. A calm, advised conversation takes some time. You will gain that time back when analytical and structured procedures that facilitate the decision making and problem solving process lead to faster results. Sometimes, taking your time can be exhausting. It can be challenging to calmly think about a certain problem. None the less, you will benefit from just that when working with us.     
  9. Other personnel consulting firms offer and conduct assessments, personality analyses and other aptitude diagnostic software themselves - of course, always "scientific" and "reliable". We think nothing of that! Services like that are only then uninfluenced, valid and highly reliable if they are conducted on a free, neutral contractual basis by other service providers that are not exposed to economic conflicts of interest. After all, athletes don't test their urine samples themselves either.
  10. Our dossiers create added value. You will never receive unprocessed dossiers of applicants that we suggested!  We get straight to the point, provide all the information and offer noticeable relieve. We want to provide you added value. In order to provide some relieve for your recruitment process, all applicants have to undergo a thorough background check to ensure that they meet the required criteria, and we will prepare an assessment report. Everything else is ambiguous and wearisome shadow-boxing.  

Reliable personnel consulting services are very complex. We are looking forward to working with you. We will be happy to advise you. You will see!  


Not all personnel consulting services are the same. You always have to thoroughly examine what kind and quality of personnel services you want to use. The true strength of personnel services still lies in the services provided. Personnel recruitment is our daily business. Take advantage of our experience and professional expertise we have been accumulating since 1992. We fill your vacancy.

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