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Personnel Search / Personnel Selection Premium (Executive Search, Mandates) 

Our service Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Premium totally relieves you of the extensive search for executives, highly skilled specialists and high potentials. We offer pragmatic solutions in a factual, neutral and transparent way.

In order to get in touch with the right target persons, discretion and patience are important during the search for executives. We provide the necessary experience and good reputation.

Personalsuche und Personalauswahl Premium


  • Discreet searches
  • Rigorous, criteria-abiding screening
  • Aptitude diagnostic precision 
  • Profound experience, clear performance

PKS Added Value

Our service Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Premium totally relieves you of the challenging and very extensive search for executives, highly skilled specialists and high potentials. We offer pragmatic solutions in a factual, neutral and transparent way.

The demand for highly qualified high potentials, experts and executives remains high. Since 1992, PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG has intensively attended to executive search, executive consulting and selection. Our name says it all. 

Highly qualified experts and executives and high potentials are a very demanding target group that appreciate and expect professional, discreet and low-key procedures during the recruitment process. Both parties commit with a mandate. We do not prepare any adhesion contracts that provide a disadvantage for the customer. We attach great importance to a trusting, lasting and future-oriented cooperation.

The service package Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Premium offers the following in 10 steps:
  1. Personal visit in your company. If discretion does not allow it, we will be happy to welcome you at our office. We will prepare a first analysis of the situation based on the information provided. The direct, personal contact allows for a better and more accurate overview of your needs.
  2. Thorough examination of the company's business principles, the strategy, and the management situation in consideration of inbuilt factors and possibly historically developed structures. We don't want to appear as know-it-alls. What we want is to neutrally and critically examine the professional environment of the future executive staff member in order to incorporate those facts and findings into the recruitment process.
  3. Together, we analyze both the preexisting, or new department of the position to be filled. Why is the position becoming vacant? Why is it not possible to fill it internally? What is the main focus? What will be expected in future? Which course needs to be set with the new executive staff member?
  4. Based on the data collected, we will prepare a comprehensive job description and compare it with the requirement profile. Which skills and qualifications does the person have to offer in order to optimally fill the position?
  5. Which search channels make sense? The internet is not always the best solution. Together with you, we will work out a precise media plan to support your internet search. Together with you, we will choose the suitable print media. It is important to us to keep the costs clear and reasonable. Coordinated ad placement does not always deliver the desired result. A selective, target group oriented approach is often more fruitful. Furthermore, we are intensively establishing contacts with universities, colleges and expert committees. Our business ethics prevents us from luring away or directly approaching prospective candidates.
  6. The profiles received from interested applicants are immediately checked by at least 2 personnel consultants and then an initial preselection is conducted. The best candidates will be discussed with the client personally.
  7. The applicants will be invited to comprehensive, structured interviews. Two personnel consultants will attend those interviews. Of course, you will be informed of preliminary results and first impressions.
  8. After the interview, we prepare comprehensive reports about the most suitable candidates that contain assessments regarding the candidates' aptitude. If the circumstances allow it and the privacy can be maintained, we will obtain 1 or 2 references. You will invite the applicants to first meetings. At least 2 persons will attend those meetings. Based on your preferences, those candidates will be invited that have qualified for a further round.
  9. All applicants that can be considered based on the joint selection, will have to undergo another mandatory examination by means of an aptitude diagnostic, work psychological method conducted by an external, completely independent expert. If the need for another screening step should arise during this phase, the applicants will be called up for an individual or group assessment. In order to maintain neutrality, assessments, too, will be conducted by external experts, who are in no way economically dependent on PKS. This offers the best guarantee possible that the view of applicants will be significantly broadened and the independent perspective will provide the best possible approach to obtaining an objective assessment of the candidates. During this critical phase, a slight loss of impartiality due to unclearly defined and separated competencies will lead to subjective judgments and wrong results. Intensive candidate support and consulting.
  10. Upon successful filling of the job opening, we will - after coordinating with you and with your approval - conduct coaching meetings, a conversation with the recruited person during the probation period to ensure that the position really was filled successfully.

How much does that cost?

We think nothing of complicated, obscure cost models that explain a lot, but don't say anything. Only clarity and transparency can ensure a trusting cooperation. Customers appreciate it when they know exactly how much the individual services cost (Terms and Conditions for Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Premium).

Why don't we offer the aptitude diagnostic tools ourselves?

Many personnel service providers recruit applicants and simultaneously offer work psychological processes as an "all-in-1 solution" so to speak. Despite all professionalism, the critical distance is often negligently blurred and diluted due to financial considerations. Can the objectivity of the assessment really be ensured if the same personnel service provider has already had a lot of time and contact with the applicants? What happens if the important approximation of a verifiable, objective congruency of the assessment report or the potential analysis does not match the recruiter's evaluation, even if it was prepared 'independently' by two different, psychologically trained experts? Is there really a guarantee that, with difficult recruiting processes that may be under additional pressure due to time and budget constraints, the results are not touched up just to fill the position? Only an external, psychologically trained second or third opinion guarantees neutral methods and non-judgmental, independent evaluations, which focus solely on the applicant while excluding financial interests.


The Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Premium service package offers everything you will need to successfully fill a top position. We will reliably present you applicants, who have been put to the acid test by means of a complex screening process. A factual, neutral approach prevents wrong expectations and rash decisions. External, work psychological methods protect you from wrong, manipulated opinions. Everything has its price; especially those things that are supposed to be free and end up costing a lot. We speak from experience. Personnel recruitment is our daily business. We fill your vacancy!

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