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Personnel Search / Personnel Selection Advanced

Our service Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Advanced will relieve you of the time-consuming search for experts. Clear, in a timely fashion and goal-oriented. We fill your vacancy.

The demand for highly skilled experts rises with the increasing department specialization. The demand for such professionals often does not depend on the overall state of an economy. Even with tense economic conditions, certain professional skills are essential for a company.

Personalsuche und Personalauswahl Advanced


  • Efficient, structured procedure
  • Noticeable and effective relief
  • Optimized economic benefit
  • Rigorous evaluation and screening

PKS Added Value

Our service Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Advanced will relieve you of the time-consuming search for experts. Clear, in a timely fashion and goal-oriented.

The intense search ties own forces, interferes with the internal service quality, quickly leads to an overload, and disrupts the indispensable concentration on the essential core processes of human resources management. In addition, the search for experts and right potentials requires a lot of experience and time. Our service Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Advanced allows you to keep a critical distance to the personnel recruitment process hence increasing the screening quality and the objectivity. We offer fast and efficient relief. We provide impartial and uninfluenced opinions and protect you from making the wrong decision. Personnel recruitment is our daily business. Day after day.

Highly skilled experts tend to have high demands concerning their recruitment. The requirements for discretion, reservation and flexibility are significantly higher. 

The service package Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Advanced offers the following in 10 steps:

  1. Personal visit in your company. If discretion does not allow it, we will be happy to welcome you at our office. We will prepare a first analysis of the situation on the basis of the information provided. The direct, personal contact allows for a better and more accurate overview of your needs.
  2. Close examination of the company description. What is required of the person? What does the job profile look like and what does the company want to offer? What data do we have to edit in order to make all information as uniform as possible and to avoid duplications?
  3. Which search channels make sense? The internet is not always the best solution. Print media is another possibility to address right potentials, which have more faith in this medium as it is more widely accepted due to the anonymity it provides. Which print media make sense and guarantee that the right target group is addressed? What are the costs? Which applicants in our database can be considered and meet the most important criteria?
  4. If necessary, establish contacts to universities, colleges and expert committees.
  5. The received profiles of interested applicants will be thoroughly checked and a first preselection is conducted. The best candidates will briefly - provided the applicants' approval - be discussed with the client in order to verify last details and to discuss possible adjustments.
  6. The applicants will be invited to comprehensive, structured interviews. If necessary, two personnel consultants will attend. Of course, you will be informed of preliminary results and first impressions.
  7. After the interview, we prepare a report that contains a direct assessment. If the circumstances allow it and the privacy can be maintained, we will obtain 1 or 2 references.
  8. If desired, or in case of applicants with noticeably equal personalities, we will additionally apply an aptitude-diagnostic procedure (external) in order to better narrow down the personality and behavior assessment with another work-psychological instrument. Individual or group assessments only make sense in certain cases
  9. Normally, we provide 2-3 candidates that match your requirement profile perfectly. If you want to invite those candidates to interviews, we will set the appointments and, if desired, assist you with conducting further interviews.
  10. Upon successful filling of the job opening, we will - after coordinating with you and with your approval - have a conversation with the recruited person during the probation period to ensure that the position really was filled successfully

How much does that cost?

We think nothing of complicated, obscure cost models that explain a lot, but don't say anything. Only clarity and transparency can ensure a trusting cooperation. Customers appreciate it when they know exactly how much the individual services cost (Terms and Conditions of Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Advanced).

Why don't we offer the aptitude diagnostic tools ourselves?

Many personnel service providers recruit applicants and simultaneously offer work psychological processes as an "all-in-1 solution" so to speak. Despite all professionalism, the critical distance is often negligently blurred and diluted due to financial considerations. Can the objectivity of the assessment really be ensured if the same personnel service provider has already had a lot of time and contact with the applicants? What happens if the important approximation of a verifiable, objective congruency of the assessment report or the potential analysis does not match the recruiter's evaluation, even if it was prepared 'independently' by two different, psychologically trained experts? Is there really a guarantee that, with difficult recruiting processes that may be under additional pressure due to time and budget constraints, the results are not touched up just to fill the position? Only an external, psychologically trained second or third opinion guarantees neutral methods and non-judgmental, independent evaluations, which focus solely on the applicant while excluding financial interests. 

Why is it better to search experts and executives through print ads?

Since 1992, PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG has recruited all high potentials and executives via electronic or classic ads in the print media. Experience shows that the professional performance of highly skilled applicants is more promising, if those applicants were recruited for a new, challenging position at their own will, without aggressive, psychological headhunting. The prospect of power or money should not be the incentive for a change, but the deep conviction that knowledge, skills, experience, personality and potential can be put to a better use with a new professional challenge. Inner satisfaction, a balance resting in itself, opportunities for career development and of course a substantial added value of the hard factors contribute to the fact that job seekers are content, loyal, work performance-oriented and don't give in to temptation when the next headhunter comes around. The decision makers' continuity and stability have meanwhile become important market advantages that cannot be underestimated. The proactive recruitment of accumulated specialist knowledge is cost-intensive. Taking care of and retaining the personnel you already have is much more economical.


The service package Personnel Search and Personnel Selection Advanced offers even more. We will reliably, quickly and transparently present you applicants that match your vision and requirements. A factual, neutral approach prevents wrong expectations and rash decisions. Everything has its price, especially those things that are supposed to be free and end up really costing a lot. We speak from experience. Personnel recruiting is our daily business. We fill your vacancy.

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