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Job Portals

The masses crush the individual. The stifling variety of job portals turns into an eye of a needle. We will guide you through the jungle of offers and provide an unclouded view, clarity and decision support. We fill your vacancy.

The usefulness of electronic job portals is undisputed. However, the variety of options causes more confusion than clarity. The primarily undisputed usefulness can sometimes turn into nuisance. We are happy to offer advice and show you ways to efficiently use the medium.

Job Portals — E-Recruiting, Online Personnel Recruitment


  • Up-to-date information 
  • Practical, every-day experience
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Useful reviews

PKS Added Value

Job portals have turned into an eye of a needle. We will guide you through the jungle of offers and provide an unclouded view.

Electronic job exchanges, online job markets and job portals have been spreading like an epidemic. Slowly but surely, however, the variety is entering into competition with simplicity. Even Meta search engines only offer an incomplete overview. We are happy to give you advice if your preferred job portal turns into an eye of a needle. E-recruiting has been our passion for many years.

The variety of job portals has increased significantly. There are specific services for every need in order to be able to address the right, potential job searchers in a fast, inexpensive and direct way.

What options do you have?
  • Commercial providers
  • Public providers (federal employment office)
  • General job exchanges
  • Target group oriented job exchanges for specialized professionals
  • Online job markets of print media
  • Meta search engines that do not offer any own services, but search, outline and display the job offers of other job portals.
In particular those job portals will be successful that offer job searchers services according to their needs and the right job offers

Good job portals should have the following quality features:
  • It should be clear who the target group is. Is it a general job exchange or is it aimed at a certain occupational group.
  • Usability - is it easy to use?
  • The more famous the job portal is the higher the rate of visitors.
  • The more job offers, the more interest is generated.
  • Clearly documented additional benefit (e.g. tips for applying for a job, etc.).
  • Are the job offers up-to-date.
  • Number of applicants per job advertisement.
For many years, we have consistently used the potential of renowned job portals, which offer noticeable added value thanks to their reliability, data protection, availability, optical conclusiveness and user friendliness.

With its own websites, (in German), (in German and English) and its online job and candidate profiles, PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG offers additional usages. The market penetration of those websites has become strongly manifested in the monthly increasing number of visitors.  


Due to the multitude of job portals, a careful selection and a tactical deliberation between benefit, impact and cost is becoming more and more difficult, but also more important. A portal can also be an eye of a needle. Job portal versus print media - we will show you that sometimes it is better to combine than making rushed decisions and not getting any results at all in the end. You can benefit from our experience. We fill your vacancy.

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