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Monthly Candidate Bulletin with Newsletter

Why spend long hours on searching for the right person? With these applicants, you will definitely be able to fill your opening. If not, we will fill your vacancy.

Our comprehensive database with interesting short profiles is available to you. We have already conducted intense and structured interviews with all applicants. We are therefore able to provide you a lot of information regarding the applicants' skills and professional competencies. Just contact us. Simply register if you would like to receive our monthly electronic newsletter with all the current candidate profiles. Fast, easy, convenient and useful.

Candidates of the month — E-Recruiting, Online Personnel Recruitment


  • Daily updated profiles
  • Quick, easy overview
  • Newsletter with content and information
  • Monthly reminder upon request

Monthly candidate bulletins with newsletter

The overstimulation with information is spreading like an epidemic. Therefore you find an instrument here that will quickly deliver the right information.

On a daily basis, we conduct structured interviews with many interesting applicants, who are all educated, experienced and motivated. We outline the information obtained during those interviews in an assessment report, which will tell you at first glance whether the person and his or her qualifications are a match for your opening. The short profiles are administered, maintained, updated and made available to you on a daily basis. Of course, they are completely anonymous. Only upon explicit authorization by the applicants will their data be made available. If you would like to learn about the newest profiles one a month, you can always subscribe to our newsletter. If you feel that you don't need the newsletter any longer, you can unsubscribe with just a few mouse clicks. A fast and easy way to receive up-to-date information.


The monthly newsletter alerts you for the latest PKS candidate bulletin. A fast and easy way to receive up-to-date information important for personnel recruitment. We fill your vacancy.

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