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Focus on Industries

By focusing on the essential, we penetrate the general, the shallow and the unimportant. You have to break the shell to get to the core. We fill your vacancy.

By consistently concentrating on specific industries and occupational groups, our consultants are able to reasonably focus on only the most important aspects. That way we consciously avoid diluting the quality of our consultations and getting lost in our own resources during the challenging search for experts and executives.


  • Focus on key industries 
  • Focus on occupational groups
  • Efficient consulting
  • Concentration of resources


Life Sciences

The life sciences and chemistry location of Basel is the Biovalley in the trinational Euro district of Basel. Our personnel consultants are of course highly trained life scientists themselves more...



Basel, as a Center for Medicine, is an important provider of medical services for Switzerland, the trinational Eurodistric and for the rest of the world more...



Finance and accounting, controlling, bookkeeping and billing are essential instruments for managing and controlling a business. Only very well qualified professionals in the respective areas more...



The Basiliensis region is Switzerland’s most important logistics region. Our personnel consultants all have basic training and professional experience in the freight forwarding industry more...



IT or business technology are highly specialized areas that are subject to extremely rapid changes. This dynamic industry is constantly in demand for experts who can withstand the fast development more...


Commercial Experts

Due to the unstoppable technological advancement and the strong internationalization of the commercial environment, many job descriptions more...



Engineering plays an important role in the industrial community of Northwestern Switzerland. The successfully recruitment of these experts more...


Human Resources

Human beings have become obsolete as mere production units. They have rather turned into the guiding spirits of modern work processes with sustained added value and appreciation more...

PKS Added Value

By focusing on the important things, we break everything generic, shallow and insignificant. If you want to get to the core, you have to break the shell.

The economy's complexity is increasing above average. The half-life of special knowledge is becoming drastically shorter. What may be state-of-the-art today, can already be hopelessly obsolete tomorrow. The increasing specialization in the professional world demands a consistent focusing on certain specialist areas. That's what we offer. Since 1992. Consistently. 

The need for an increasing specialization in the personnel consulting industry is becoming more and more present. The complexity of new knowledge and the growing expectations in the quality of consulting firms urgently call for a focusing on specialist areas and topics. Knowledge is a commodity that changes extremely fast and it requires the employees of personnel consulting firms to focus their strengths. PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG has long read the signs of the times. We are competent if you are in need for experts and executives for the above mentioned specialist areas.
Excellence is only possible if all the attention is concentrated on the essentials. Distinctive entrepreneurial orientation and positioning allow for a clear identification of services, competencies and range. If everything is all the same, a hotpotch or an agreeable shambles, this just creates confusion. Integrity in terms of content saves time and offers fast orientation. We don't have the capabilities to do everything, but the things we can do, we do right and with passion. Since 1992. Consistently.


Focusing on certain industries, professions and specialist areas offers the advantage for our consultants at PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG to be able to quickly, efficiently and systematically provide the right expert staff to you. A vast range causes disorientation. We don't offer every service. But the services we do offer are executed with a high level of professionalism and provide an immediate financial benefit. We fill your vacancy!

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