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Terms & Conditions (AGB) - Trust is good, knowledge is better.

The famous physician, philosopher and church musician, Albert Schweitzer, once said the following: "With every minute you spend angry, you miss out on 60 happy seconds of your life." We fill your vacancy.

Nobody likes to read 'Terms and Conditions'. However, they are an important part of fair cooperation. We have formulated them as transparent, straightforward and clear as possible in order to answer any open questions and to avoid problems. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Terms & Conditions for Personnel Search Standard/Advanced/Premium

Terms & Conditions

PKS Terms & Conditions (AGB)

Does it bother you when the rates of your personnel service provider remain a mystery? Does it bother you when individual services and rates are not clearly comprehensible? Our Terms & Conditions are clearly drafted, openly communicated and are formulated under use of binding language. Nobody likes to shop in a store without knowing the price. Life is too short to get upset about ambiguously formulated Terms & Conditions.

 Everything has its price; especially those things that are supposed to be for free and end up costing a lot. It is difficult to compare services whose costs are formulated in a mystical, cryptical language or, at worst, are not mentioned at all. In a modern, globalized world openly and transparently established prices have become a matter of course.

PKS Personal- & Kaderselektion AG attaches great importance to a transparent, comprehensible and fair disclosure of their Terms & Conditions (PKS). Trust is good, knowledge is better. We fill your vacancy.

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Terms & Conditions

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